Why should I outsource my restaurant bookkeeping?

Outsourcing your restaurants bookkeeping and financial reporting allows you to focus exclusively on running your restaurant while we focus on the financial management of your business. We have years of experience in back-office restaurant management and you can immediately tap into a ready-made restaurant accounting department without having to build one of your own.

What are the benefits of outsourcing?

For less than what you would pay for an in house bookkeeper you get an entire financial team with years of experience in the restaurant business. You get a controller, a full charge bookkeeper, and a team of processing specialists. Significant cost savings upwards of 40% can be achieved, plus our multi-disciplinary team approach provides a level of expertise only available to much large restaurant groups.

Does B4R charge for the initial consultation?

No – the initial consultation is provided free of charge.

Will I lose control over my accounting if my books are done off-site?

On the contrary, you’ll be in control like never before. With our professional team approach and on-line access, you eliminate the paperwork hassle while improving your available level of bookkeeping and financial expertise. Instead of doing it yourself or hoping for the best, your back office will operate more smoothly and your level of confidence in your management reporting will be enhanced significantly.

How do I transmit my data to B4R?

We provide three easy ways for you to transmit data to us: fax, e-mail and file upload via our cloud-based communication console. You can access our console on the Internet from anywhere and at any time. All transactions are highly secure and communication is conducted via state-of-the-art encryption technology.

What security measures are taken to protect my data?

Our advanced process controls are built to meet the most stringent financial industry standards. The security, confidentiality and availability of your data are protected at all times. Our systems are protected with best-in-class firewalls and Extended Validation (EV) SSL encryption technology ensures the privacy of communications between your browser and the B4R service. Our systems are housed in a state-of-the-art secure data center with biometric access controls preventing unauthorized physical access. Continuous offsite backups enable us to recover from a potential disaster quickly and our data vault is located in a separate and redundant secure facility. Bookkeeping4Restaurants is a US-based corporation and all storage and processing of data is done in the US.

How does B4R pay my bills?

Every week we will e-mail you a list of bills that are due for payment authorization. You will also be able to view an image of the invoice. Upon reviewing you can select to pay or opt not to pay each item. With your approval your vendors will be paid by check or using ACH.

How do you protect against fraudulent electronic bill payments?

Our controls are built to meet the most stringent financial industry standards. Absolutely no one but the bank signatory can authorize permission for bill payments.

Does B4R work with Franchisor and Franchisee restaurant operations?

We have a long history of working with both franchisors and franchisees. Franchisors love our program because it allows for uniformity of financial reporting across the entire system and makes comparative benchmarking a snap.

Will B4R work with our FDD Auditor?

We work closely with your auditor to ensure a smooth flow of data and an efficient and cost effective audit.

If I sign up with B4R will I still be able to use my current CPA?

Yes. In fact, we supplement your CPA and bring cost-effective value to the tax accounting process. At year end B4R will put together an electronic tax package for your CPA that can be easily imported into their tax preparation software. If you do not have an existing relationship with a CPA, we will be happy to refer you to one in our network.

How does B4R price its services?

Our affordable fixed-rate monthly fee makes it easy to budget up front and avoid any surprises. This fee will be determined upon a review of your back-office requirements and the specifics of your restaurant operations.

What is your cancellation policy?

We strive for excellence in everything we do and we hope that you’ll never leave. But if you decide to move on a 30 day notice is all we ask to ensure a smooth transition.

Can B4R service my needs even if I want to continue using old fashioned paper?

Absolutely! We have work delivered by courier, FEDEX and UPS from all over the country.

How do I sign up?

Call 1-800-399-3651 or schedule an appointment on-line. Our representative will contact you to find out about your restaurant operations. On the basis of this discussion we will issue a service agreement that lays out in detail the services to be performed by B4R. Once you are satisfied with the agreement we will introduce you to an on-boarding specialist who will work hand in hand with your company. A cloud-based console will be established via private and secure login. Upon completion of this process we will be ready to begin working for you!

Are Your Restaurant Accounting Resources Limited to Texas Restaurants? No!

We are often asked, “Are your restaurant accounting resources available only in Texas?” The short answer is that we have clients all across the United States. And while we are located in Texas, our cloud-based accounting systems can benefit restaurants anywhere. Check out all the restaurant accounting services we offer to the restaurant owner or manager.

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